Auctions are by far the most time efficient and effective sale method of property in the UK. A bold statement, but a true one. Where else can you start marketing a property for sale and have and exchange within three weeks from that date and a completion four weeks later, all on the strength of the auction contract which offers certainty of sale and retains the deposit which is non-refundable with an unconditional exchange.

The Right Place

Auctions are a fantastic place to sell the right type of properties. Public and online auctions are attended by savvy investors, buyers, Homes Under The Hammer viewers, developers, traders and open to all other people that might have an interest in your property.

The Right Price

They are all attracted by the low guide price that the property is entered into and they come hoping they will bag a bargain. This does not always happen as all of the parties bid against each other and generate a bidding war driving the price upwards to achieve its final price. And there is no upper limit to what that final price can be but it will definitely be at least at the reserve price.

The Right Time

Once the bidding is over, the contracts are exchanged on your terms and the buyer typically has 4 weeks to complete. You get the speed and certainty of the sale. The price is always secondary but we ensure that your property is positioned in a way that helps to accomplish speed, certainty and the best price.