• 10 Years
  • £650,000
  • £830,000
  • SOLD in the auction in 18 days from instruction at £775,000 with 4 weeks completion and on sellers' terms!
10 Year saga ended in 18 days

The client owned the property for over 25 years and had been trying to sell it at various points for over 10 years. This property had a tenant who wasn’t paying their rent and whom they were trying to evict.

They were being approached by potential buyers but nothing would come to fruition. They were tired of consistently moving goalposts and offers falling through. They lost trust in the traditional sale process. They got to the point where they just wanted it gone.

When they finally evicted the tenant after a prolonged court battle they were ready to sell and came to us to take it to the auction.

We explained to them that they could sell this property on their own terms and quickly by using the auction room. They trusted us to handle the process for them so that they could get on with other things in their life.

We helped choose an auctioneer that would accommodate client’s requirements and also be able to offer exposure to a good number of developers. We guided the client through the process and helped overcome the situations that popped up throughout the marketing and sale process.

Due to our relationship with the auction house, we were able to enter the property as a late lot which is not something everyone can do. And the lot sold in the auction in only 18 days from formal instruction, which meant the client had liquid funds to reinvest which they used to start generating income elsewhere way before they thought they could have access to it. This meant there were able to focus on the family and lifestyle.